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 spare parts

Our company attaches great importance to a perfect supply of spare parts and interchangeability of spare parts, so that your production always runs smoothly. We work closely with you right from the design phase to specify spare and wear parts, which we provide right from the start of production. In this way, we can ensure optimal operational readiness and minimize downtimes.

Our tool live parts are critical components in stamping tools that shape and cut material to produce precise results. As experts in plastics technology and tool making, we rely on the latest eroding technology, especially wire eroding, to achieve complex shapes and contours in all metals.

Should these vital tool active parts fail due to wear or damage, you can count on us. We manufacture them new for you or repair them quickly and reliably. We use high-quality materials and state-of-the-art technology to ensure that your parts are precise and reliable.

Feel free to contact us for help with the repair or new manufacture of your active tool parts and benefit from our first-class service in plastics processing and tool construction.

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